Saturday, June 25, 2011

From Romance to Psychological Thriller!

Well, I just got done with "Vision in White," the first book in Nora Roberts's Bride Quartet series and was going to continue with the series next. However, after reading about this next little gem on another blog, I decided that "Before I Go To Sleep" by S. J. Watson has climbed to the top of my queue. Before I get to that, I'll give some thoughts on "Vision in White."

As I've said in a previous post, Nora Roberts is one of my favorite authors, and this was a great little read by her. I recommend this book for any bride-to-be, bride wannabe, or anyone with a romantic streak. The series centers around four women who are best friends and business partners, and they run a wedding planning business called Vows. Each book centers on one of the four women, and each finds her perfect man. "Vision in White" features McKenzie Elliott who meets Carter McGuire, an English teacher who has had a crush on Mac for years. They fall in love, but Mac nearly blows it because of her fear of commitment due to the actions of her dysfunctional parents. By the way, her mother is a real piece of work. The character of Linda Elliott will have you shaking your head and wanting to pull your hair out. I, as the reader, could feel Mac's frustration with her mother. Anyway, Nora Roberts's wit and humor shine in this book along with her flair for vivid descriptions and lovely romance.

Now, on to "Before I Go To Sleep." Here is the descripton from's website:

Every day Christine wakes up not knowing where she is. Her memories disappear every time she falls asleep. Her husband, Ben, is a stranger to her, and he's obligated to explain their life together on a daily basis--all the result of a mysterious accident that made Christine an amnesiac. With the encouragement of her doctor, Christine starts a journal to help jog her memory every day. One morning, she opens it and sees that she's written three unexpected and terrifying words: "Don't trust Ben." Suddenly everything her husband has told her falls under suspicion. What kind of accident caused her condition? Who can she trust? Why is Ben lying to her?

Being the junkie that I am, I snapped it up and stuck it on my Ipod and will be starting that this afternoon.

Speaking of, you can now link your account with your account. You still have access to your library and credits, and the site still works the same. Very cool if you do a lot of shopping in both venues.

Still loving my Kindle, by the way. Also loving the Kindle app for my Ipad 2. In the future, I'll probably do a post on my reading expereinces with both devices. They're very different and both have their pros and cons.

If anyone has favorite books they'd like to share with me, feel free to leave a comment with your recommendations. I like most anything fictionwise and some nonfiction, mostly biographies.

Off to indulge in my new find. Have a great weekend, everyone, and happy reading.



  1. Thanks for the suggestion. I just might buy the book. My local library does not have a copy. I might get the ebook! I have a Nook Color, which I really love. My husband has an iPad and really likes it. I read magazines on both.

    I am reading the Inspector Morse books by Collin Dexter and Laura Lippman's Tess Monaghan series. I tend to find a mystery author and read everything, IN ORDER. I hate reading series books out of order.

    I read "The Distant Hours" by Kate Morton and "The Book of Air and Shadows" by Michael Gruber on my Nook. I enjoyed both, the first more than the second.

    A kind of quirky, interesting novel is "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" by Mark Haddon. I read that one at Christmas and will probably reread it, something I very seldom do.

    As you can tell, I like mysteries, but I have to buy into the main character(s) or the setting. When I do, I am usually hooked for the series. I read other books, too but this is getting to be a long post and I am going to sit down with my dog, Greta and read!

    I'll comment more on some of my other favorites another time.

  2. Oooohhh, I've not nessed with a Nook very much, but the fect that a color one is available is great. The Khdle has yet to put out a color model, and I figure they'd better or they may lose customers!

    Yep, read some of Laura Lippman's stuff ad she's great. Will look for more by her as I like her writing style.

    Yes, get the ebbok of "Before I Go To Sleep," I'm about halfway through and really love it. I think you'd be very riveted.

    I know what you mean about reading serials out of order. I hate that too and try to avoid that if I can. Oh, one I think you might enjoy if you like cooking is the Goldy Schultz books by Diane Mott Davidson. the main cnaracter is an amateur slueth/caterer, and there's a lot of delectable recipes throughout the books. Check them out!

    I'll make a note of the books you mentioned and put them on my reding list. I love book recommendations. :)

    Please keep the recommendations comiong. I love them!